Christmas Cheer


Time here in West Lafayette, IN is winding down for the semester, I only have eight days left, that’s it, just a little bit crazy to think I have already almost finished my first semester.  I was in the union yesterday and saw they were putting up a huge Christmas Tree.  At holidays many people have their traditional meals like turkey at Thanksgiving and ham at Christmas, myself included.  I personally cannot wait to go back home next week and take a break from this school year.  At Thanksgiving being home, I realized how much I miss having those home cooked meals, even if it is grilled cheese, that’s not something they have here at school often.

While I was at home though, I did make a really awesome steak dinner with grilled asparagus, salad, and cheesecake.  When I was younger, it may have always seemed that going out to eat was better, having been here, even though we do have award winning dining courts, eating out is not always better.  In The Little Mermaid Sebastian sings about the seaweed always being greener in somebody else’s lake, he then goes on to say that going up there is a big mistake because you have such wonderful things surrounding you.  In those few lines, he really drives the nail home.  At home, I may have to do a little more work and get up earlier to take care of my cattle, but it is rewarding and exactly what I want.

This Christmas season take time to appreciate the little things in life and look around your ocean floor to see what more you could be looking for.  Just as when we are out doing industry promotion, look at what you already have not what superfood X has, cause it probably has some other unwanted stuff too, BEEF has been, is, and always will be key to a healthy diet.

Until Next TIme, Go BEEF,