What does Ag mean to me?

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To me when I think of agriculture I think of so many different things it is incredible.

The first and most important that I think of is food production.  Food production is a huge part of agriculture.  If the farmers of the world did not grow food, where would it come from?  Would it fall from the sky, like the manna God sent the Israelites, I don’t think we have seen it fall since.  God blessed us with a beautiful earth and made us the stewards of it.  By being good stewards, we also gain the ability to reap the harvest of the bountiful crops it grows.  How we allocate those resources is up to us, but without farmers, our world would be overgrown.

The second thing I think of when I think of agriculture is the tight bond of the agricultural community.  Since having become involved in the ag industry, it never ceases to amaze me how the ag industry is always is able to work together to in light of a crisis to solve a problem.  There is an immense ability to come together.

The third thing that I think of is the responsibility to protect the earth they work so closely with.  As mentioned in the first point, God created this earth, leaving us to be the stewards of it.  Farmers and ranchers continually strive to work to ensure that we are recycling as much as we can.  This continued commitment to the earth is key to agricultures responsibility.  If we cared not, we would have run out of resources and we could not be where we are today.

So I guess when I think of agriculture I think of food, tight community bonds, and great stewardship.  Sounds to me like I think of Paul Harvey and his speech to the FFA entitles, “So God Made a Farmer.”  Agriculture means something different to everyone and there is no one definition that is correct, but rather a collection of definitions that lead to a general idea.  What does ag mean to you?

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Modern Ag: An Introduction

Thanks to all for the responses. One person asked, “What exactly is modern agriculture?” Modern agriculture is just a way of saying what agriculture as an industry is doing right now. Like modern is the current going trend, thus “modern agriculture” is just the current way of doing things in agriculture, whether it be utilizing new technologies or working to decrease our impact on the environment.

Many farmers and ranchers are working to incorporate new technologies into their operations. These will allow them (farmers and ranchers) to not only improve the profit return on their farm “investments,” but additionally by improving efficiencies as an industry we are able to accomplish a two part goal. The first part is to decrease impact is to decrease the number of animals processed for consumption. The second part of our goal is to increase our gross production output, this helps to allow us (farmers and ranchers) to be able to feed an ever-growing population. With the current growth rate, experts predict that the population of the world will hit 9 billion (holy cow) by 2050. At our current outputs with agriculture, there is no way we can feed that many. Now this may seem confusing to some that we want to decrease our number of animal processed for consumption, but in reality what we are trying to do is decrease the per capita consumption, as with an ever growing population we will constantly need to produce more. By being able to increase efficiency we can, as farmers, ensure that we are able to feed 9 billion mouths easier. Efficiency is something every industry aims to improve.

Technology also aims to decrease our impact on the environment. There are countless ways that we can do this. The first is by reducing our carbon footprint from equipment usage, be it tractors or vehicles that are used. Moreover, technology aims to help us decrease our environment by allowing better manure distribution to reduce runoff. Other systems are also in place to ensure best practices, such as many processes that see to it all parts of harvested animals are properly used in entirety to reduce waste.

When many think of “modern agriculture” they think of big business and “factory” farms, when in reality that is not what it is at all.

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