Chipotle Brand Loyalty & Double Standards

Honest Scarerow

Last Wednesday Chipotle began a new marketing campaign following the “Food with Integrity” model.  Now the problem I see is that they are portraying it all wrong.  I personally would like to know how many of their customers will only eat food sourced with the “criteria” they say they have.  Additionally, do their customers stop purchasing from them when they have a sign displaying that the current ingredients are not what is reflected on their sign, due to a supply shortage.

Am I saying that everything they do is bad, NO.  In fact, their burritos taste great (but it has been a long time since I had one), however, if I took the same ingredients I can make the same tasting burrito.  So, I give them credit for being a better cook than me.  What I am interested in knowing is why they believe what they do is correct.

I really want to know why they substitute conventionally raised products when their choice product is unavailable, while continually pushing their mentality.  To me this creates a double standard.  If another corporation would be to embody a double standard, they are called out and ostracized for it, however with Chipotle few if any customers say anything.  They continually use fear based marketing to build a following as I see it, they don’t have customers, like Walmart (to say), but rather have a following like Apple.  By this I mean that Walmart’s customers are looking for deals and will shop at competing grocers for the better discount, however, Apple’s customers typically have brand loyalty.  I admit, I am a avid Apple fan, and refuse to get a switch brands because I like the user-interface Apple has developed, even though to my own admission it is growing very similar to other user-interfaces.  Just the same, I am a Walmart customer, yet I will shop at Aldi, Kroger, etc.  Sorry for the tangent, but I think it is relative to prove my point about them trying to brainwash and build a following based on fear.  Fear is the key here, my example of Apple stems from the fact that they do not use fear based marketing campaigns.  I really hope everyone realizes why the agriculture community has such grievances with Chipotle.

Also, please check out the videos one is the original ad from Chipotle and another is one that just came out today pointing some of the problems.