Modern Agriculture: Concerns and Questions

Today, well not exactly today but soon, hopefully will begin a mini-series of I really don’t know how long.  The length will depend on the ideas you all send back, this is designed to be a learning experience for not only you but me too.  I would like to talk about concerns people feel with modern agriculture.  If you have a question or know of someone who has a question, feel comment, or follow the link ( and I’ll try to cover all topics addressed.  Hopefully this can be productive for us all! 

Until the first, Go BEEF,




Hey all,

I’m back, I know its been a while since I last posted, sorry for that.  Over Christmas break, I got to go to the Pennsylvania State Farm Show.  While there I showed my April heifer, appropriately named April.  In her junior show class she placed first.  It was an awesome experience, especially on the day I had to come back to school.

While there on Saturday, I got to help in the Today’s Ag exhibit with the Pennsylvania Beef Council.  The exhibit was designed to bring modern agriculture practices to the public through the Farm Show.  It took up an astounding 23,000 square feet of floor space at the Farm Show.  Over the first weekend, while I was at the Show, so was part of the National Beef Ambassador Team, who represent the beef industry across the nation.

I learned so much even while being there to help educate the public.  I was exposed to the fact that there are more by-products that we can feed cattle than I knew about.  Our section of the exhibit featured a cow-calf pair, as well as an example of traditional feeds, along with some by-products that can be supplemented.  I learned that we can use by-products of the chocolate making process, left-over chips from the factory, and left-over pasta products to feed cattle to supplement their diet and increase their nutrition.

Being there made me realize, this year my resolution is to continue to learn as much about modern agriculture as I can, and to continue to educate the public about the truths of modern agriculture.  With this, I challenge each and everyone of you to expose sort through the information and find the facts of modern agriculture, the farmer’s story, not society’s thoughts of what happens, but really does not.  We must work harder than ever to show society what really does happen and why it happens and all that we do to ensure safety of both them and our livestock.

Until Next Time, Go BEEF,