I Can’t Believe It’s Butter


Photo Credit: http://www.npr.org, 2013 Pennsylvania State Farm Show, Harrisburg, PA

So, we have all heard of “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter,” the brand of margarine.  Why not say “I can’t believe it’s butter!”?  That is a great question.  When we look at butter versus margarine, both have 11 grams of fat per serving and 100 calories per serving (a serving being 1 tbsp. of either).  With the fat and calories being the same what is different?  Butter’s fat profile has more saturated fats compared to margarine, but they are more natural versus man-made, and butter has no trans-fats.  Additionally, salted butter (most typical in the store) has only two ingredients (butter and salt), where as margarine has eleven ingredients.  The more processed the food, the harder it is to digest.  Granted Land O’Lakes Margarine has more vitamin A, but it is artificially added, how can butter compete then?  If you want more vitamin A go eat some carrots, just one ounce provides your daily value of vitamin A.  Back to margarine, which also has a higher sodium content, when compared to butter.  Overall, I think that margarine just does not “stack-up” when compared to butter.

Let us look at all the awesome things we can do with butter!  Every year the Pennsylvania State Farm Show has a BUTTER sculpture.  It is made from over 1000 pounds of butter and there is a new one every year.  The sculpture is then recycled in a methane digester producing enough power for over 80 houses.  That is crazy!  Butter can also be used to remove a fishy smell from your hands or as shaving cream.  Butter is an amazing natural food that can have some crazy applications.  Try making your favorite recipe next time using butter instead of margarine!

Until Next Time, Go Cows (I’m including diary today),



What Does It Means to Lead in Social Media?

To be a leader in social media I think is very similar to being a leader otherwise.  A leader is strong willed, there to help, and leads by example, not because they have a title.  They are willing to do the dirty work and yet be able to turn around completely in 5 minutes and put the finishing touches on.  I think that a social media and ag advocacy leader have a shared important characteristic, the ability to be able to explain things in a very short yet equally effective manner.  This is key because many people on social media do not want to take the time to read a really long post.  If you are on Twitter, this is invaluable as there is 140 character limit.  The better we are able to get our message out in a short understandable form, the better off we will be.

I do not really like to talk about myself, but we will give it a try for this post.  I feel that I am able to effectively lead by example, and I keep working harder to do it better.  Through this competition, I have come a long way regarding my message (agvocacy) style.  I feel as though I have been able to dramatically improve my clarity and focus to “get the job done.”  This has been a great experience and I look forward to it next year, if it goes on again!

Until Next Time, Go BEEF,