What Does It Means to Lead in Social Media?

To be a leader in social media I think is very similar to being a leader otherwise.  A leader is strong willed, there to help, and leads by example, not because they have a title.  They are willing to do the dirty work and yet be able to turn around completely in 5 minutes and put the finishing touches on.  I think that a social media and ag advocacy leader have a shared important characteristic, the ability to be able to explain things in a very short yet equally effective manner.  This is key because many people on social media do not want to take the time to read a really long post.  If you are on Twitter, this is invaluable as there is 140 character limit.  The better we are able to get our message out in a short understandable form, the better off we will be.

I do not really like to talk about myself, but we will give it a try for this post.  I feel that I am able to effectively lead by example, and I keep working harder to do it better.  Through this competition, I have come a long way regarding my message (agvocacy) style.  I feel as though I have been able to dramatically improve my clarity and focus to “get the job done.”  This has been a great experience and I look forward to it next year, if it goes on again!

Until Next Time, Go BEEF,



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