Thoughts on Stability

Week 8


Rash decisions are part of the human race.  We all make rash decisions, especially when we hear negative news.  Typically, there are multiple sides to the story and we only get one because that is the juicy story and is what will sell.  As part of this, who is at fault.  Is it the media, the effected, or the affected?

Let’s look at politics.  So one your local news station runs a spot on the latest in Washington, but the news station down the road get their information from another person involved and runs a counter story.  We now have two different stories with each one pointing the finger at the other, just as we did when we were kids.  Who are you to trust?  You are hundreds of miles from Washington and the event has already taken place.  Even if you go, you are still going to get two sides because it has already happened.  Now had you been there you could have seen it first hand and made a judgment.  So, we learned that by being informed in the moment we can form our own judgments and work with both sides to create a solution.

This lesson can be applied to the industry viewpoint.  By working to inform more people about all that we do, whether it be engaging them or just simply talking, we can work to allow them to make their own judgments.  Giving them firsthand information is key to preventing a total brainwash by the media.  Just the same, we need to work with the media to ensure that we are including them.  For a very long time, it seems that we have blocked the media out because of our fear that they will turn it around on us.  They can be either our best or worst ally depending on how we engage them.  Working more to engage and inform all around us we can work to reduce the rash decisions made by retailers because they will be more informed about the issue and how we present our side, not just the opposing side.

Until Next Time, Go BEEF,



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