Are you defending or promoting Ag?

So we are going to get back on track with the mini-series since I posted two blogs from my participation in the College Aggress Online group, and this one is going to be a multi part!  

I had a question about how to “defend” agriculture from outsiders.  I feel this is an excellent second topic now that we have defined what modern agriculture is, we now must define how to promote it.

What is key to remember in promoting agriculture is not to be offensive.  No matter how you promote agriculture, someone who is easier to talk to and who is not directly attacking another will always teach more than the other way around.  I have been working really hard lately to understand many of the best ways to present information.  What I have found is that like many situations, “it depends.”

One of the first things you need to do when working to promote agriculture is develop your key message.  For example, my key message for everyone that I talk to is, 

Farmers are not out to be your enemy, they strive to produce the best products 

available.  They are employing the latest technology to ensure this is the case,

as we have an ever more limited resources.

Everyone’s key message is different and it is your individual take on agriculture.  The key is to support all of agriculture through your message.


To be continued…


Think of your message and check back in just TWO days for part 2!


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