Lessons from Thanksgiving


Being miles from home and traveling back and forth leaves one with lessons learned.

Thanksgiving has come and gone along with it another visit home.  Being here at Purdue has made me really appreciate all I have at home and what it means to be home.  While I love being here and all it means to be a Boilermaker, I have also realized that Butler is not as bad as I thought it was.  Being at home, I realized the changes in my heifers and it is amazing to see the changes in them from October until now.  I cannot wait until Christmas break to be back at home to work with them, and get them ready for State Farm Show however, it is bittersweet.  Yesterday I thought about one of those moments during Hee Haw where they talk about different things that continually lead to another, its like;

Person 1:I’m going home

Person 2: Oh that’s good

1:No that’s bad

2: Why


2:Oh that’s bad

1:No that’s good


1:Working with cattle

2:Oh thats good

1:No that’s bad


1:Cold weather

2:Oh that’s bad

1:No that’s good


1:State Farm Show

2:Oh that’s good

1:No that’s bad


1:Back to school.

Now that was a long dialogue, but no matter how you look at things there are always two sides to things, and being here at school has already helped me to see that.  No matter where we are, in the office, at school, talking with consumers, or showing cattle, we all must remember that there are two sides to things.  The key is to see both sides, and learn from them to move in the right direction.  The two sides shown in the aforementioned dialogue show how it is so bittersweet for State Farm Show to come because I really do love working with my heifers so much, but I know I will be back here again learning and figuring out how to put that knowledge to use.  Learning how to put that knowledge to use is the key to promoting the BEEF industry, and more importantly being successful in all we do.

Until Next Time, Go BEEF,



One thought on “Lessons from Thanksgiving

  1. Interesting note, sitting in chemistry recitation today my TA out of the blue noted that education is not about learning and regurgitating facts, but how you put your knowledge to use.

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