Some Thoughts to Ponder

So finally, I have found time to write my first entry. This however comes at the expense of my sleep, as I am laying in bed wide awake thinking I have class in six hours, but oh well worse has happened. In September, I was able to be the Pennsylvania representative to the National Beef Ambassador Competition in Sacramento, CA. The theme of the competition, which to me was more of a conference in the fact that I have never learned so much at a competition, was “A Golden Opportunity” and that it was. While there I realized just how much other people really care about promoting the industry like me, and just how much they really do, that I can do also. One of the things I took from the was starting a collegiate Cattlemen’s group here at Purdue to promote the industry here on campus, because we do not have any similar group. I have began to work on that, and have help from a few others that are also interested, and I am really excited for that. If anyone knows of any other groups like that on other campuses please let me know either by replying or on my twitter, thanks.

Until Next Time, GO BEEF,



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